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Ivy Gourd - कुंदरू

Ivy Gourd - कुंदरू

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IVY GOURD - कुंदरू

Ivy Gourd is green in shining green in colour and resembles pointed gourd to some extent. White broken lines can be seen on the vegetable and is comparatively smaller than pointed gourd in size. The vegetable belongs to family Cucurbitaceae. Botanical name for the vegetable is Coccinia grandis and famous as Tindora, Tondli or sometimes kundru in Hindi. There could be many other names according to different states and languages in India. Taste of kundru is bit sweet.

Nutritional Content:

  • Vitamins A and C
  • Low Minerals
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats

Although there is low content of mineral in this vegetable, it is an aid for many diseases. This allows getting rid of constipation and keeps digestive system in check. Remedy of Ivy gourd is applied on wound to heal.

Consumption Methods:

  • Shallow Fried
  • Boiled